Build a Website in 2024: A Beginner’s Guide

First, determine the type of website you want to build and its purpose. Consider your brand identity, goals, and market research. Watch our video guide for more details.

Determine Your Website’s Purpose

Choose a Domain Name

Choose a unique, relevant, and short domain name. Avoid numbers for clarity. Use website builders or registrars like GoDaddy. Keep future needs in mind.

Pick a Website Builder

Use a website builder like Wix or Shopify for ease of use. Consider AI tools for quick setups. Check our guide for top builders.

Customize Your Template

You know your site type, domain, and builder. Now, pick a template and customize it using your brand identity and visuals.

Create Relevant Website Pages

Add essential pages like Home, About, Contact, and relevant sections (Shop, Blog). Customize to fit your website’s needs.

Add Website Functionality

Choose tools based on your website's needs: ecommerce tools for stores, and plugins for added functionality. Research apps thoroughly.

Optimize Your Content

Optimize your website with SEO, clear content hierarchy, regular updates, mobile-friendly design, compressed visuals, and smooth navigation.

Review and Publish Your Website

Before publishing, ensure clarity of purpose, functioning links, SEO optimization, and swift loading. Seek external feedback to fine-tune.